How to get flawless wedding photos

How to get flawless wedding photos

Colorado Wedding Photos

Well, because everyone wants to look and feel special on their wedding day and what better way to do that is by having flawless wedding photos to look back on to showcase all that time, effort and money you put into your Colorado wedding day. Something so so beautiful about photographing a Colorado Wedding is when the couple ask for their guests to follow a dress code. Now, hear me out, I know it might come off as rude to make such requests but who doesn’t like to dress up? Having a dress code really keeps your wedding pictures clean, crisp, and cohesive. Having professionals on your wedding day is going to make a difference on everything, including your details.

Colorado Wedding Photos

How to get perfect Wedding photos

Request guests to wear two specific colors

This is one thing I don’t want you to overlook on your wedding day. It’s something that goes unthought of most of the time. Requesting guests to wear colors that fit your theme. For this wedding, they asked guests to wear shades of blue, and look how cohesive everything looks in ceremony photos. The couple is the focus and when you design an album the flow of images.

Colorado Wedding Photos

Hire a wedding coordinator

I know this one seems like a big waste of money, however, wedding planners do not get enough credit. From helping every single vendor on your wedding day, checking on you, and setting up your ceremony AND reception area? Man they do not get enough credit for their job. For me, my planner was so amazing I had no idea there was two mini crisis’ and that’s the way it should be!

Pick an amazing photographer

When finding the perfect wedding photographer, find someone that matches your energy and how you want to remember your wedding day. When you look back on your wedding day, did you get all the details? What colors did you have? What friends and family surrounded you and supported you? Those guests and images are irreplaceable, and I can’t wait to capture those Colorado wedding photos for you.

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