Hi, Lovely!

I'm Jordan,
your milestone photographer.

I’m a true to color, romantic, in the moment kind of photographer!

capturing memories

it’s a requirement at every wedding I do! Maybe not ALL DAY, but RIGHT BEFORE I GET THERE! ONCE I ARRIVE, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR LOVE LIGHT MY HEART UP, SO LET'S PARTY AND GET THOSE blackmailing pictures OF YOUR MAID OF HONOR! I have high energy, sometimes can talk and think faster than you may understand me but it is worth the pictures!
When I need to be a fly on the wall I can. 

I love cold brew coffee.

Many of my clients become long term friends! I make it a goal to be there for you the most I am able to no matter the occasion. Past clients, from all professions, continue to reach out and even teach me life hacks.  

let's get coffee

I LOVE meeting couples that laugh a lot, don’t take life too seriously, and want to have fun in their photos! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT WE CAN ACCOMPLISH TOGETHER!

- Jordan

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