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I specialize in making women feel beautiful in all stages of life. Getting a few hours of pampering is amazing for any women in the books. Looking at your photos is like a dream come true, from personal experience and reviews from past clients. 

As your Colorado Boudoir Photographer, I will be there every step of the way to make you feel amazing in your photos. This will be the sexiest Denver Glamour Photography session you will ever have. 

As a mom, I know how hard it can be to not only feel like yourself but also not completely look like yourself. All different body types are welcome in my studio.



We'll get on a quick 15 minute call to make sure I can answer all your questions and get you the boudoir photography experience you desire.  

I'll ask about any previous boudoir shoots, likes and dislikes and more. It's important that we are on the same page so I can give you the best experience of your life. 

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2. Your guide

Let's get into styling! From what you want your hair to look like, your makeup, and of course your clothes! I have a full client closet you can use, sizes XS-5XL!

Before your session, we'll get together and go through all your outfits that you would like to bring, your ideas and props and add any extras I have that we can add into your session!

I'm here for you for the whole process! Please ask me anything at any point. It's not just my job to take pretty portraits, but to make sure you know how beautiful you are during the whole process! 

I have done my own session every year for the last 4 years. I will continue to do so as well. It's empowering and allows me to show all my clients you can do this at any stage! I've personally had 2 kids just so you can see that change! 

3. ask me Anything

You'll arrive to your shoot and we'll get straight into it! You'll want to wear nice loose clothes so no lines show on your skin. Hair and Makeup will take over for about an hour to an hour and a half. 

After you get all done up, we'll pick your outfit lined up and get started! You can expect to photograph for60-90 minutes and at least 3 outfits or more depending on how the session is going, everyone is different!

4. let's shoot!

All done taking pictures! What's next? Your reveal! I know you're going to love them as much as I do, we'll pick your favorites and design your album, canvas, and digital gallery!

We'll go over all display options; metal prints, canvas', calendars, folio's, and albums! There's so much more to pick from and it's so much fun going over it together!

5. your photographs

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heirloom artwork • priceless

average investment 3500

Collections start at  2200

Everyone's session is custom and so is your pricing! Let's build something for your dreams!

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Being pregnant is tough enough but I cannot explain how beautiful I felt during the session and even looking at my images now after birth. Jordan made me feel so sexy the whole time and if you've ever been pregnant you know how hard it is to love an ever changing body. 

I can't wait to do another session soon or even when I get pregnant again and showcase myself again. I truly feel like my own work of art.

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Let it go and don’t be shy, Jordan has the same parts you do and her job is to make you comfortable and feel good. If there was ever a time to let go of your inhibitions this is it, embrace it. 

I was surprised, I knew I FELT good but then when I saw the pictures I knew I LOOKED good. I have tried to take sexy selfie’s in the past and instantly deleted them because they were horrible so I was afraid that these were going to turn out like that. I LOVED my pictures and recommend this to every single woman.

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