Why Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography

Why would you choose boudoir photography? Are you a mother, a friend, a wife, a boss or even feeling down right now? Men and women all around you have felt that same way! Even me, which is why I do a boudoir session every year for myself and of course give my husband images. You walk in feeling nervous and walk out glowing with confidence.

How do I get confidence from photos?

Boudoir Photography

The professional hair and makeup alone makes you feel like a Queen, then nailing all your photos will make you glow. Boudoir photography is more than just the gorgeous photos you’ll get after your session. A session with me is having a friend for life that will be your biggest hype girl. Your biggest support for as long as you wish me around, especially if you’re in our Facebook Group. We offer daily quotes as well as deep relationship questions to grow and learn from one another. Just a recap from all the advantages of doing a session as well as being in the Facebook group.

  • New found confidence
  • Learning self love
  • Diving into deep relationship questions
  • Making friends
  • Learning to love your new body
  • Feeling amazing
  • Support group

Boudoir Photography

Okay, but why does a Boudoir Session help me?

As women on the go, we are always thinking about others. DINK families or full homes with kiddos, women don’t put ourselves first very often. It can make you feel run down, possibly push you into a depressed state. When you take the jump into boudoir photography and book your session, which is the hardest part. YOU PUT YOURSELF FIRST! While you might being giving the photos as a gift, you will be looking back on the session for years and remember how you felt. How sexy you felt and it will make you glow.

A lot of my clients are like myself, and book once a year as their reminder to take care of themselves. As you prep for your session you’ll start doing more for yourself to look your best before coming in. Some ladies get their nails done, which always feels good! Eyebrows getting waxed, shaving (although it’s not necessary), new lingerie for home, and a good face cleaning.

All theses little steps leave you walking with taller shoulders and a new found confidence even before we start photographing. You leave the session is awe of yourself and look at yourself from a whole new point of view. I love helping women find that new pep in their step and loving themselves like they should be. In this day and age we’re told all the time on how to be perfect and what is acceptable. YOU ARE ACCEPTABLE NOW!

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