Why a Breckenridge Winter Wedding is a Must

Breckenridge Winter Elopement

Breckenridge Winter Wedding takes the cake, in my opinion, above most of Colorado locations when thinking about your wedding or elopement. The scenery alone here can take your breath away.
Breckenridge Weddings, and why should consider it for your big day.


Ella & Mark

The short 2 hour drive to Breckenridge was worth these beautiful views. Ella & Mark love hiking, which brought us up to the mountains in the first place! Ella wore a beautiful gown that was loose enough for all our travels. They were such a fun, outgoing couple to be around, especially for battling with this cold! Mark was clearly warmer with his gray suit from Mens Warehouse, though you can tell in their photos. Ella pulls off fake warm better than Mark if you ask me.

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Breckenridge Winter Wedding Ella & Mark Cuddles

I loved being able to spend the day with them as they exchanged their vows, took breath taking photos with me and we ended our day at a local restaurant together was warmed up with some beer. Winter Elopements are something special in Colorado. The snow brings the cuddles and Colorado beauty to life. Don’t get me wrong Summer Weddings are beautiful here but dang look at this snow.

 Winter Elopements in Breckenridge 
Breckenridge Winter Elopement & Weddings

Are you considering a Breckenridge Winter Wedding? Some things to keep in mind when you look for a photographer (even if it’s not me) – skin tones & the snow. With the snow brings cold and when couples get cold you start getting little red noses, and no one wants to look like Rudolph in their wedding photos. Make sure your photographer not only keeps you warm but also knows that editing trick. Another thought to keep in mind is that beautiful white powder. Snow, as we all know is white and that means bright reflected colors. Be sure they’ve photographed in the snow before and check out some images to see how they handled the snow.


Vendors on this Breckenridge Winter Elopement

Sweet Ride Bake Shop https://www.sweetridebakeshop.com

Florals | KR Blooms CO

Bridal Shop | https://11-11bridal.com

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